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  • What is the "Dia ceram"?


     Dia ceram is new type porcelain which was added cutting-edge technology to based on traditional technical method of mino ware.
     The Dia ceram was made by mixed material that highly-purely polished clay and feldspar was mixed in fine ceramics called alumina was burn by high temp 1350℃. therefore it has a 3-4 times strength than normal porcelain.

     Since the company was established, we have been developing and marketing kitchen equipment for nursery.

    Dia ceram was designed in an investigative commission of dietician and childminder. Therefore it known as one of brand leader in the dinnerware industry for kindergarten and it has been using over 15 million pieces in kindergarten of all over the japan.


  • ダイアセラム ぞうさん


  • DIA CERAM やさい


  • ダイアセラム うさぎラン


  • ダイアセラム イルカアイランド


  • ダイアセラム みっつのグループ


  • ダイアセラムの強度と安全性


    Dia ceram was made by burned natural material. Therefore, it dosen't elution a harmful material like formalin, endocrine disrupter at all. Dia ceram can use for a children safety.。


  • 落下実験

    ○drop experiment

    Experiments to slip drop from 70 degrees slide
    Dia ceram was passed a experiments from 45cm height.
    Normal dishware was broken even by 30cm height.


  • 強度試験

    ○intensity experiment

    intensity experiment of japan ceramic Society. Dia ceram has over 230 Mpa intensity as against a normal dishware has 80 Mpa.

  • 強度3倍

    ○Why the "Dia ceram" is high strength?

    ・It was made by mix method that is traditional mino ware and high technology.
    ・Fine ceramics alumina was mixed in refined cray and refined

    Dia ceram has 3 times more strength than normal dishware.

it isn't leak out a toxic substances at all.

  • 有害物質

    ○Natural raw material was processed by high-temperature firing.

    ・Dia ceram was made by natural raw material which was processed by high-temperature firing.
    ・It isn't leak out any toxic at all..

Light weight

  • 子供に負担をかけない重さ

    ○Lightweight for a kids

    ・High strength dishware was thin design than normal dishware.

Excellent storability

  • 優れた収納性

    ○ Design was studied that based on ease of storage.

    1. Hard to find a storage place Dishware of school lunch.
    2. Hard to wash all dishware.
    3. Hard to dry all dishware in a dryer.

Ecological dishware

  • リサイクル

    ○Reusable recycle dishware

    Broken dia ceram is reusable and recyclable.