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    Since the company was established, we have been developing and marketing kitchen equipment for nursery.
    Especially, our main product "Dia ceram" is brand leader of high strength porcelain and it is widely used in more than a million nursery all around of Japan.
    Dia ceram is new type porcelain which was added cutting-edge technology to based on traditional technical method of mino ware.

    The Dia ceram was made by mixed material that highly-purely polished clay and feldspar was mixed in fine ceramics called alumina was burn by high temp 1350℃.
    So it has a 3-4 times strength than normal porcelain.
    Dia ceram was designed in an investigative commission of dietician and childminder. Therefore it known as one of brand leader in the dinnerware industry for kindergarten and it has been using over million pieces in kindergarten of all over the japan.
    Dia ceram is optimum dishware for kindergarten in a sense as below.
    1. High heat resistance (1000℃)
    2. Easy to stacking
    3. Made by natural clay which hasn't contain any toxic at all.